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How to Find a Good Home Inspector

Hiring home inspector

Are you shopping for a home? Well, most home buyers today don’t realize the importance of home inspection. Buying a house is mostly a lifetime investment. That is why hiring a home inspector to assess the condition of your house is an efficient approach to secure a solid purchase.

Certain mortgage lenders also require you to hire a home inspector to ensure that you are making an optimal investment. A home inspection ensures that no unexpected problems arise in the future regarding the property. Many concerns require you to opt for a home inspection other than mortgage lenders’ requirements. Read on to find more information on how to find a home inspector.

Should I Hire an Inspector for a New Home

Whether you are looking at a newly built home or if the home construction is still in process, a home inspection will be necessary. If you buy a house that is still under construction, it means that you will hire home inspection services twice. Initially, an inspector will check the walls and framing of the house before the project begins.

Moreover, once the house is complete, another home inspection will take place to assess the home’s condition.

How to Find a Reputable Home Inspector

Getting a home inspection doesn’t require much from your end, other than choosing the right home inspector for your needs. When looking for home inspection services, you can inquire among your friends and family to see if they hired the right home inspector for their residential property purchase.

Good word of mouth means a lot in today’s digital age. You can go through the internet to find local home inspectors around you. If you require a private home inspector, make sure that the company you are viewing doesn’t offer any renovation or repair services but rather focuses on a home inspection.

Should I Use the Home Inspector Recommended By Realtor

Your real estate agent might recommend or refer a home inspector or a home inspector business. There are many reasons why it might not be a good idea to hire the home inspector that your realtor suggests. Firstly, the realtor will benefit only on one condition, i.e., the deal closes. Hence, their recommendation might be nothing more than a ploy to quickly close the deal.

On the other hand, what if the realtor wants to accomplish his vested interest in the deals by referring an inefficient or inexperienced home inspector? You will be at a disadvantage in a situation where your realtor wishes that the home inspector misses important details throughout the inspection. This means that when you buy a home without proper inspection, you will be at risk while the realtor will enjoy their incentive (commissions).

How to Choose a Home Inspector

Did you choose a home yet? Well, if you are still shopping for a home, know that choosing the right home inspector is also important. You must know what qualities to look for and what factors to consider.

What Makes a Good Home Inspector?

For starters, make sure that your chosen home inspector has the necessary training and skills. The International Association of Certified Home Inspectors issues certificates for all those who pass the training successfully. Keep an eye out for this attribute.

Is the home inspector private or local? If they are local, they will be aware of the local housing codes and regulations. You should also ask if they have the right abilities and expertise to produce a detailed inspection report for your residential property. You should inquire whether or not they have worked with people with similar interests before and for how long.

In addition, ask how long the chosen inspector has worked in the home inspection business. This will give a prompt idea about their experience and expertise.

Does the company of your choice offer insure home inspection services? Insurance is a deal-breaker when looking for a home inspector. Find out if they have any limitations, such as going through inspecting your cooling system or looking for defects in the floor. This will help you realize how detailed the inspection report will be.

How to Find Out If a Home Inspector Is Licensed

It is a no-brainer that you have to find a certified home inspector. In fact, lay great emphasis on license verification to know that the inspection report from your chosen home inspector will be of some value. Remember that an uncertified home inspection report is as good as not having one in the first place.

Furthermore, if your home inspector is from the American Society of Home Inspectors (ASHI), they will certainly have a badge or verification of some format that reflects their affiliation and training. A state-licensed home inspector is the best option for a verified home inspection.

Who Do Home Inspectors Work For

It depends on the home inspector you hire. For example, if you hire a home inspector from a local home inspection business, the inspector’s interests will vest with the company. However, if you hire a private home inspector, they will work solely for your benefit and interests. This is because their job is to find defects, whether before or after construction, through a home inspection.

How to Get a Home Inspection

Getting a home inspection isn’t difficult. You can visit the website of the company you have chosen over the internet and submit a contact form. You can call the home inspector’s service number to schedule an inspection.  In addition, you can inquire about the costs right on the phone or learn through the content on the website.

When to Hire Home Inspector

The ideal time to hire a home inspector is when you have negotiated prices and drawn clauses. This is the time where you will learn about the condition of the property and make a reliable real estate transaction. However, if you are buying a nearly built home, you will have to hire a home inspector before construction begins. In this case, a second inspection will be due once the construction is complete.


So, are you ready to hire a home inspector? Do you know what factors you have to consider in making the right choice? Well, thousands of home inspectors are available today to offer assistance in your home buying process. Thus, you can ensure that you choose the right one to satisfy your needs.

Remember, a good home inspector will highlight every detail necessary so you can avoid a potentially damaging purchase. After all, you don’t want to start living in your nearly purchased home and find out that the roof and walls of the house have a joint malfunction.

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