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The new standard of excellence starts with Dallas Home Inspection Services delivering quality home inspections to its clients. All home inspections are accompanied by a certified and trained home inspector to ensure reliable service. 

 Whether you are buying or selling a home, hiring a team of experts to inspect the property is your ultimate solution to provide you with peace of mind for an effortless and smooth transaction. We will provide you with a PDF report a couple hours after the inspection and we are always available to answer any questions you might have.

Dallas home inspectors have an innovative method to prepare and deliver a full report of findings to the client. The inspection checklist contains everything you need to know about a pending real estate purchase. The Dallas home inspections cover each square feet in the property to determine the overall condition and reliability. If you are looking for the best home inspector in Dallas you are at the right place.

The TNL: Dallas, TX Home Inspection Cost

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Homes up to 3000 sqf

$ 350


Homes above 3000 sqf

11 ¢

Per Sq Ft

How Much Does a Home Inspection Cost In Dallas,Texas?

Services have proven to be a competitive market and our prices are best in the industry depending on the square feet. The average house inspection cost about 10-15 cents per square footage. The best way to find out how much does a house inspection cost in your case would be to contact the supplier beforehand.

Our average cost for homes up to 3000 square feet the total would be $350 and for homes above 3000 square feet, the price is 11 cents per square foot. It is a great idea to get estimates from prospective inspectors and discuss your situation before hiring.

Some of the home inspection DFW services include Residential New Home Inspections, Residential New Home Annual Inspections, Residential Rescale Inspections, and Multi-Family Property Inspections. The inspection costs differently for each service so we recommend leaving a quote beforehand. Use our home inspection cost calculator to get a quote.

Straight Forward Pricing

Our simple pricing structure is based solely on the square footage of the house without all of the additional fees charged by others in the industry. And to top it all off, we perform a FREE Termite Inspection with every home inspection dallas tx. No Gimmicks! No Coupon Required! No Expiration Date!

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Homes up to
3000 sq ft
Great Price
Professional Service
Free Termite Inspection
Homes up to
3000 sq ft
Great Price
Professional Service
Free Termite Inspection
Per Sq Ft
To acquire even further information regarding our home inspection prices, feel free to call us now at (817) 262-9968

How Long Does a Home Inspection take in Dallas- Fort Worth area?

Now when you know how much home inspection costs it is time to reveal how long does the on-site inspection and report take.

The time for the house inspection depends on several factors. The size of the property, floors, and rooms. The average house inspection takes about 2-3 hours, but the home inspection report development could take up to two weeks. Of course, all that is negotiable and price dependant, but here at Dallas Home Inspection, our experts do everything we can to proceed as soon as possible. To understand better why the home inspection Dallas tx report could take longer than expected, we can simply say that in an average home there are more than 500 components to be inspected.

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Dallas Home Inspection Cost Per Square Foot Advantages

As you already know home inspection is designed to help sellers and buyers identify the condition of a certain property. The main goal remains an inspection report that should include everything. To help you understand all the advantages, take a look at what a house inspection checklist should contain:

General construction overall
Electrical system
Structural and foundation
Heating and cooling
Windows and doors
Interior walls and ceilings
Air conditioning
Ventilation and drainage
Gutter and leaders
Walks and driveways
Lawn sprinklers
Garages and carports
Pool and spas
Termite and wood-destroying organisms
And more...

Hiring a property inspector from Dallas Home inspection you can expect all of the above-listed home areas to be evaluated. Any obvious deficiencies will NOT be included in the inspector’s report, some of them are:

Obvious evidence of leaks
Interior cracks
Well-know electrical malfunctions
Exterior paint and repairs required

Having all that in mind all the benefits and advantages are clear. Our Texas home inspector also delivers a free termite inspection, printed reports including pictures, and 11 month home warranty inspection. There are absolutely no hidden fees and no surprises so it is better to spend now in order to save later. The inspector license ensures a proper and detailed report so look no further and contact us now to understand the condition of the house, contribute to a smooth purchase.

Serving Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex Area

We are providing inspectors in Texas and if you are wondering which areas we serve here are them listed for you:

Dallas, Watauga, Colleyville, Southlake, North Richland Hills, Saginaw, Richland Hills, Bedford, Hurst, Haltom City, Grapevine, Flower Mound, Euless, Coppel, Fort Worth, Arlington, and more. Do not see your town? Give us a call (817) 262-9968

If you don’t see your town, don’t forget that we provide home inspectors in fort worth and surrounding suburbs, so contact us now to find out if our services support your town.

If there is any concern feel free to check our online course for continuing education to acquire even more useful information.

Dallas Home Inspections Reviews

Here at Fort Worth Home Inspector, we are dedicated to delivering a great client experience and all of our testimonials underline our professional approach. Previous clients state that they had an excellent experience, and the majority of them recommend us to business apostates and compliment our prices. Our inspector’s attitude is always friendly, developing friendly relationships even after the work is done.

Furthermore, you can find the word “reliable” in almost all of our testimonials which clearly means that we pay close attention when developing the report. Many previous clients compliment Dallas inspections and as we mentioned, we are trying to compete with the leaders in the industry so the quality of texas inspect comes first.

Fill our form below to get a free estimate and submit as many inquiries as you want and get a licensed house inspector to review your property. We are more than happy to answer all of your questions and provide you with clear expectations. To make it even easier for you, we have an online chat (active on the weekdays from 8 AM to 8 PM), which you can use to contact us immediately and schedule your house inspection.


Yes, our professional inspectors are home certified by the American Society of Home Inspectors, resulting in highly-professional experts who can detect any issue pertaining to your home.

Currently, we are serving in the following areas:

We are proudly servicing the best inspection, which is why our detailed analyzed reports take 24-48 hours to get prepared. It contains pictures of the site as well as recommendations which can be of great help.

Our home Inspection servicing in Dallas is competitively priced based on square footage, with house inspections averaging 10-15 cents per square foot. Contacting the supplier beforehand is recommended to determine your case's cost. For homes up to 3000 square feet, the total cost is $350, while homes above 3000 square feet are charged at 11 cents per square foot.

No, our business covers home inspections on surrounding areas of Dallas which are accompanied by a well-formulated report containing evaluation and recommendations to fix the loopholes. For queries post, you can send an email to us at or call (817) 262- 9968.

While it's not mandatory, we recommend clients be present. This gives you an opportunity to review and ask questions directly and understand the potential issues or highlights of the property firsthand.

When you're gearing up for a thorough home inspection with TNL, being well-prepared can make a significant level of difference. Proper preparation not only facilitates a smoother inspection but also ensures a comprehensive evaluation of your property. Learn how you can get your home ready:
Attic & Basement
Make sure entrances are clear. Often, these spaces can accumulate clutter, but inspectors need easy access to assess structural elements. Electrical Panels: An unblocked view is crucial. This allows inspectors to check wiring, circuit breakers, and more without hindrance.
Clear the Way
Remove obstructions, especially around key fixtures like water heaters, furnaces, or under sinks. A clear space means no area goes unchecked.
Secure Your Pets
While we love our furry friends, they can sometimes be a distraction or even a hazard during inspections. Safely secure them away or consider a day out for them.
Functioning Utilities
Ensure that water, electricity, and gas services are active. Inspectors will need to test appliances, outlets, faucets, and more.
Provide Documentation
If you have records of recent repairs, maintenance, or warranties, have them on hand. This can provide valuable context during the inspection.

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