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The Hidden Dangers: Why Every Home Needs an Electrical System Inspection

According to the U.S. CPSC (Consumer Product Safety Commission), it is estimated that over 1,400 electrical-related injuries are treated in emergency rooms every day. 

The electrical system, just like any other part of your house, can deteriorate over time.  These malfunctioning systems can lead to catastrophic consequences such as fire hazards, appliance inefficiency, electrical shocks, and many others.

To avoid these issues, it's better to hire a home inspector’s team who can thoroughly inspect all the electrical systems before they raise severe repercussions later on. Here, we will discuss the signs indicating the electrical system inspection need, the risks of ignoring them, and the crucial role of professionals in ensuring home safety.

Signs Indicating Electrical System Issues

If you are observing any of the below-mentioned signs at your home, then it’s a clear indication that you need professional help. Have a look at these signs in brief:

  • Electrical Shocks

Are you experiencing frequent electrical shocks while touching the appliances or switches? If so, it's a direct sign of underlying wiring problems that can pose significant fire risks if left unaddressed. 

  • Sparking Outlets

If you experience visible sparks every time you plug in or plug out devices from outlets. Then, the connection within your outlet might be loose, leading to electrical fires if not addressed promptly. 

  • Outdated Wiring

Traditional homes with old wiring, such as aluminum or knob-and-tube systems, face a heightened risk of electrical malfunctions. These antiquated wiring types do not meet modern safety standards, making them more susceptible to faults and hazards. Therefore, you must get them inspected quite often to diminish potential risks and major problems.

  • Buzzing or Humming Noises

The unusual buzzing or humming noises emanating from your electrical system should never be ignored. These sounds may indicate underlying issues in your electrical panel, such as overloaded circuits. 

  • Increased Energy Bills

When electrical components are outdated or malfunctioning, they don’t work at optimal efficiency. Such inefficiency means more energy is required to do the same functions, leading to higher energy consumption. So, if you notice sudden higher energy bills, then your electrical system might be facing issues.

  • Burning Smells 

Burning odors near electrical outlets or switches clearly indicate serious electrical problems that require urgent attention. These signs often signify overheating, faulty wiring, or electrical arcing.

A WORD OF ADVICE: Never ignore burning smells or sparks! In such cases, immediately shut off power to the affected area.

Consequences of Ignoring Electrical Problem Signs

If you ignore any of the signs that indicate a problem in your electrical system, then below are some of the top consequences you may encounter:

  • Potential Fire Hazard

One of the major troubles that electrical issues can cause is the “HOUSE FIRE”. The National Fire Protection Association report states that electrical fires account for an estimated 1 in 5 (18.5%) of home fires, 6.2% of civilian deaths, and 5.4% of civilian fire injuries. Therefore, recommended not to ignore indications such as sparks, burning smells, and more.

  • Electrocution Danger

Damaged outlets, exposed wires, and improper grounding can cause the risk of electrocution for anyone who comes into contact. If you have children and pets in the homes— never ever ignore these signs.

  • Appliance and Property Damage

Neglecting electrical issues such as voltage fluctuation, power surges, or overheating can shorten the lifespan of your electronics and property's overall value. So, to save yourself from costly repairs or replacements, go for an electrical system inspection on time.

The count of the risks associated with improper electrical systems doesn’t end here. There are many more like increased energy costs, safety risks, and the list goes on.

The Role of Professional Electrical Home Inspections

Electrical system inspection done by professionals plays a crucial role in

Analyzing your property and minimizing electrical system malfunctioning to avoid potential risks. Here’s how they work:

  • Cross Check the Safety of All Electrical Controls

By thoroughly assessing the functionality and safety of all electrical controls or inspection of electrical panels, including switches, outlets, and panels. These experts ensure that all components operate correctly and safely with the least risk of electrical hazards.

  • Ensuring Adequate Electricity Supply

The inspector team verifies whether your home receives an adequate electricity supply to meet all its power needs or not. With such an approach, they ensure that your electrical system can handle current demands without overloading.

  • Detailed Evaluation of Circuit Breakers 

In-home electrical system inspection, inspectors conduct a detailed examination of circuit breakers to ensure they function properly. This is crucial for preventing electrical overloads and potential fire hazards, as circuit breakers are designed to protect your home’s electrical system from damage.

  • Verifying Wiring Compatibility 

These professionals also perform home electrical wiring inspections to ensure the compatibility of the wiring with all electrical systems available at the home. If your current wiring is more prone to faults & hazards and doesn’t meet modern safety standards, the experts will let you know.

From all the above points, now it's clear why an electrical installation inspection is crucial for ensuring that all electrical components and systems in your home are properly installed and meet safety standards. 

Wrapping Up

Hopefully, the value of early detection of potential hazards associated with electrical systems is now clear. If you notice any warning signs, don’t ignore it!

And before it’s too late, contact our Fort Worth home inspectors to ensure the flawlessness of your entire electrical system.

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