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Why TnL Home Inspections?

Purchasing a house is a major investment anyone can make. Sellers contribute a lot to this. It is important to make potential homeowners feel certain about buying their own house when they check out a house listing.

You need to have the house inspected before offering it so that you can make the necessary improvements and repairs. Also, you can make better negotiations for the price. By doing this, you can make your homebuyers feel more assured of getting a house and prevent pre-closure issues from surfacing.

Before putting a house out on the market, TnL Home Inspections can give you the following:

  • Preparation for the things that need to be repaired that can be a future problem
  • Preparation for the reduction of price for the negotiations
  • Complete peace of mind because the real condition of the house is known
  • Fewer risks of sudden problems arising that could jeopardize a deal
  • Making the house sell easier and quicker
  • Price suggestions to get the most out of a house being sold

Here are more reasons why TnL Home Inspections is the best choice for your house-selling business.

Excellent Home Inspectors

Our team of excellent inspectors has a pre-made inspection list so that you can better prepare a great house for showing. Aside from closing the deal a lot easier and faster, you can be more confident in selling your houses because the quality of work of our inspectors can give you peace of mind.

These are some of the inspections our great inspectors offer to home sellers:

After our team completely and thoroughly inspected your house, the findings will be discussed with you. They will also give you a detailed report of the inspection that contains vital information that you may use when you sell houses.

Having All The Appropriate Tools

Not only are our inspectors superb, but they also have all the appropriate tools to complete the job effectively. They have all the necessary tools to make sure that every problem or defect can be detected. These are a ladder, combustible gas detector, receptacle tester, moisture meter, and infrared camera among many others. Except if the circumstances are unsafe, our inspectors walk on roofs and inspect these thoroughly as well.

Backed Up with the Most Amazing Guarantees

Many home inspections market themselves well. Nevertheless, they could end up not meeting your expectations with their performance or leave you high and dry in the middle of the process. This will not happen when you work with us. We are very confident that you will be satisfied with the quality of our inspection. We are so confident that we backed up our services with a 100% guarantee.

If you are unhappy with our service, we will give you back the payment and get another equal or lesser value home inspection service of your choice to do another inspection. Therefore, you do not lose anything in trying our service.

You might be wondering if you discovered a problem that costs a lot to repair after your homebuyers move in. Aside from the 100% guarantee, we will get the house back with the financial assistance of the International Association of Certified Home Inspectors or InterNACHI. We will let the homebuyers stay until they find and make a deal for a new house. No other home inspection service has this kind of offer.

Improved Listing

The reports we make are easy-to-understand and comprehensive. It has detailed information about over 400 things that our inspector team checks. There is also a seasonal checklist for maintenance. You will also receive a manual so that you can perform your home maintenance yourself if you wish to. This can make your house listing a dream home for any owner. It will also give you more confidence and knowledge when explaining the house’s condition.

Pre-Drywall Assessments

We also offer a comprehensive construction assessment. Even though these are items that an average homebuyer may not see, you would not want to risk them finding out. When selling a house, it is important for us that our homebuyers will have peace for years to come.

Investment Inspections

Normally, our standard home inspection has a duration of 3 hours. Nevertheless, if time is limited, and you need to determine any significant issues in a house you will offer, we offer a basic 1-hour inspection so that you have an idea for the negotiating price.

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