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Why Buyer Inspection Is So Important?

If you are about to buy a house, keep reading to reveal why carrying out a home inspection is so important for buyers. We understand the euphoria and excitement around purchasing a property but now is the time to think rationally and consider everything to avoid issues after the purchase. Even real estate agents might need an inspection every now and then to identify property issues that you would have never noticed on your own.
Home inspection
Home inspection report
To clarify even further, a home inspection is a process in which a professional home inspector with years of experience visits the property, analyzing and gathering information to fulfill the home inspection checklist. Then the information from the checklist is used to form a  report, providing the buyer with a clear illustration of the property condition.

The inspection checklist contains everything from wiring and electrical panel to heaters and air conditioning. We are going to review fully what the home inspection checklist contains later in the article, but first, we will provide you with some house inspection tips for buyers.

Home Inspection Tips For Buyers

The inspector's report will provide you with everything you need to know, even if you do not attend the meeting on the inspection day. Yes, it is not necessary for the buyers to be there, but our recommendation is to do everything possible to get there because the inspector will share many details and recommendations, which you won’t be able to find in the report.

For instance, the inspector might share a few words regarding potential issues, even if they are not yet present. The inspector might notice some problems that might be expensive for you and eventually prevent you from purchasing the property.

A common issue that inspectors quickly identify is the property's hot water. It is common for heat water installations to fail without maintenance for a long time. American society of home inspectors has seen many types of water heaters and this one is a great tip that you attend to the inspection.

The general recommendation here is to never hesitate to hire a home inspector when buying a property because years of experience have taught us that no property is perfect. It is better to trust home inspectors than seller’s statements because carrying a home inspection now can save you a lot of money later.

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Buyers Home Inspection Report

Now when you know why a home inspection is so important when buying a home, it is time to see exactly what the report contains and how to navigate through it.

Important Notice: In the report, you will find everything that the inspector could see. There might be some deeply hidden potential issues. The best way to acquire more information about the home inspection is by quoting the supplier and providing as much information as possible.

As we already mentioned, the inspector checklist is used to form a detailed home inspection report concerning every square inch of the inspection property. Every single room, window, and door condition is being identified and reported. To provide you with a better view of what the report contains here are the essential inspection report fields:

Floor, walls, doors (cracks in bricks and foundation issues)

Water Heater

Electrical installations (electric water heaters, lighting and etc..)

Electrical energy efficiently



Wood rot

Storage tank

Early signs of issues and many more…

The society of home inspectors approaches properties with extreme precision and a keen eye, to provide you with a clear illustration of the overall property condition. Any malfunctioning systems are instantly reported at your disposal and only after the report, you can be confident that you are aware of what you are buying.

We know that each property is completely different but there is nothing to be concerned about. House inspectors have years of experience and there is nothing that could surprise them. You can count on a detailed inspection report, including everything listed above and beyond.

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Our simple pricing structure is based solely on the square footage of the home without all of the additional fees charged by others in the industry. And to top it all off, we perform a FREE Termite Inspection with every home inspection. No Gimmicks! No Coupon Required! No Expiration Date!

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Homes up to
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Frequently Asked Questions:

Can a home inspection discover signs of leaking natural gas?

Usually, a home inspection is carried out inside the property and any gas leaks would be reported. However, you shouldn’t count on a home inspector to discover a kerosine deposit underneath the property.

How much home inspection costs?

The prices are dependent on the property size and floors. To acquire the exact price for your home inspection we recommend quitting the supplier with as much information about the property as possible.

How long does a home inspection take?

The home inspection on-site could take up to 3 hours, which means that everything could be done in one day. As far as the report, it could take up to a week to get ready, again, depending on many property specifics
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Bottom Line:

Now when you are aware of why you need a home inspection when buying a property we can conclude that you can’t go wrong with it. If you have even the slightest concern about the property you are buying, you should definitely have a home inspector over to reveal the truth.
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