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Advantage Home Inspection

Home inspections are done to thoroughly assess the physical state of the house or property on the day of inspection.

It is an ocular examination wherein all items used to build the property or home are tested to validate if the installation is appropriate and durable. Heating systems, air conditioning equipment, roofing materials, windows, and doors are thoroughly checked.

It usually includes pictures and highlights any defects observed. Photos are taken especially if there are inaccessible areas.

The inspector would also evaluate the condition of sink and tubs by filling it with water, check if showers are in pristine condition, and inspect whether if the toilet flush is working.

The inspector will take notes of the condition of the house and its components during the entire inspection process. Then, a report shall be thoroughly crafted and given to the buyer.

Home Advantages Inspection to Buyers

Purchasing a house is a big investment to make because it is not just a place where you can live. It becomes a huge part of your life. It is where you and your family will spend special occasions together. It is where lasting and precious memories are made. 

Additionally, these sales usually involve a large sum of money. Thus, a careful decision must be made before sealing the deal.

Here are some of the reasons why doing a home inspection in Dallas before buying a house is very beneficial for the buyers:

It can give early warning signs

Inspecting houses can evaluate the main defects and potential dangers that the properties have. It can also recognize if there are any code violations done on the house. 

This prevents buyers from buying a house without knowing that troubles are hiding under the surface.

It lets the buyers save money

Home inspections can detect issues on safety, spoilt appliances, structural designs, and even water leakage. Thus, if any of these problems are found by the house inspector and the buyer they can ask the seller to shoulder the repairs for the damages or ask for a lower selling price of the property. This would save the buyer his/her money. 

It helps buyers be confident with their purchase

DFW Home inspections help in the entire sales process by allowing buyers to feel certain that they made a good purchase or investment. It lets them feel satisfied and happy buying the property.

Purchasing a house is a big decision to make, thus it is vital to have quality inspections before sealing the deal. It ensures that fairness is practiced throughout the sale. This would then give buyers peace of mind that they need when making big acquisitions.

Why Choose TNL Home Inspections?

TNL offers the top-rated home inspection services in Fort Worth and surrounding suburbs. We are committed to meeting the Texas Standards of Practice when doing our inspections. We value your satisfaction and safety.

We religiously help buyers make sound decisions in purchasing properties. We care for fairness, thus we do our inspections along with customers. We want you to have the peace of mind that you deserve in every purchase you make.

Here are some of the additional reasons why you should choose TNL as your home inspector:

On the Spot Printed Report with Digital Photos

Get a printed report right after the house inspection. The report also comes with digital photos for you to view. Our professional inspectors shall thoroughly explain to you the important findings. Thus, helping you to make a sound decision about whether to buy the property or not.

No Hidden Charges

TNL charges our customers affordably and fairly. We do not have hidden fees. You will learn about your most valuable asset without breaking the bank.

Quick and High-Quality Services

TNL inspections are quickly but carefully executed. A typical inspection usually lasts from 1 to 3 hours, depending on how huge the house is.

We Value Confidentiality

We take extra effort to safeguard any confidential information that the client has. Their data will never be disclosed to any other party without their permission.

What Makes TNL The Best Home Inspector?

The company is famous for its state-of-the-art inspections reviews on multi-family properties, residential re-sales, and residential new homes.

It even received several awards and distinctions such as having a Google 5-star Customer Rating and A+ Rating on BBB Accredited Business.

TNL also became part of Angie's List of 2019 Super Service Award and the International Association of Certified Home Inspectors.

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